I'm Tyler, an 18 year old senior all state clarinet player in Texas. I am a clarinetist for the 2013-2014 GDYO Wind Symphony. Bluecoats Hornline 2014-Euph.

Apr 23


Doing It Right

Honda Civic, probably one of the most widely distributed tuner car known to mankind. So, it’s safe to say that there should be many beautifully modded Civics out there. However, the numbers and demographics surely, does not reflect this theory. In reality, you’d see beat up, fake parts ridden Civics more than anything. But then there’s always the few that does things right.

Photos by Kalvin Chan

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Anonymous asked: Dude the gamecube sucked



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bring back the cream please thank

Apr 21



Mad World | Gary Jules

one of my favourite songs ever… it took me weeks to find this song when i first heard it on CSI

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gay marriage is legal in the sims god damn it real world sort your shit out

lets talk about sims for a minute

in sims, your appearance doesn’t matter. you can pursue what career you want and not get paid less for being a certain gender. you can change your sim’s gender or life at any time. what other sims care about is if you’re nice or if you kick over their gnome.

just saying

also men in sims 2 can get pregnant by aliens 

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If all the ads were DCI, I would be okay with them.


If all the ads were DCI, I would be okay with them.

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